Sean Robinson Court Order 1

Sean Robinson Court Order 2

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Hight Court of Justice

No: CV2012-3464 Between

John Borrett (Claimant)


Sean Robinson (Defendant)

Judgement in Default of Defence Against the Defendant

Dated 18 October 2012
Entered 18 October 2012

To: Sean Robinson

You have not filed a Defence to the Claimant's Statement of Case and the time for doing so has expired.
IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that you must pay the Claimant the sum of Eighty
one thousand, nine hundred and fifty dollars ($81,950.00) for debt, intereset and costs
to the date of this judgement to the date of payment.

Assistant Registrar
Supreme Court


If you ignore this order your goods may be removed and sold or other enforcement
proceedings may be taken against you. If this happens further costs will be added.

Republic of T'dad & T'go
Ansa Merchant Bank Ltd (Claimant)
World of Watersports (Caribbean) Ltd (1st Defendant)
John Borrett (2nd Defendant)
Before the honorable madam Justice Carol Gobir
Dated this 4th day of June 2013

Upon this matter coming up for hearing
and upon hearing attorney-at-law for the claimant
and the defendants
It is hereby ordered by consent:
That there be judgement for the claimant against
the 1st defendant
That the 1st defendant to pay to me Claimant
the agreed sum of $41927.89 inclusive of interest
together with costs un the sum of $8387.39;
in total the sum of $50,000.00 inclusive of interest
and costs
The said sum of $50,000.00 to be paid by the
1st defendant to the Claimant by way of monthly
installments at $4166.67 commencing the 30th
day of June 2013 and thereafter on the last
working day of each month until liquidation